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Days 1 - 3 of Synergy; Receiving New Tools for Healing

It’s day 3 of Synergy today and I was amused yesterday by my urge to begin clearing this planting bed (see video) and how it coincided with our process with my 18 day meditation immersion. Every step of the way I am guided about how all of this unfolds, and it’s so beautiful how my outer world can be such a reflection upon my inner world. 

This morning I lay in deep state meditation, receiving upgrades and new gifts on how to help myself and others. In my gift sanctuary, which looks rather like a pink quartz royal crystalline palace, I met with my version of Q in James Bond. Mine, I fondly call Z. I came to see what gifts I could use to improve my expertise. In this sacred space, I was presented with two of them. The first was symbolised by a bouncy ball. A tool that provides me with the resilience and momentum to swiftly rise whenever I encounter darkness within myself or others. It prevents me from getting stuck, providing me with a sense of buoyancy. It enhances my agility within and beyond the quantum realms, allowing me to navigate with more ease and grace.

The second gift was a blade, reminiscent of a Silverline weed hook. Its form is mutable, changing as per the requirement. Initially, I was puzzled. Why would I need a weapon? What was I protecting myself from? But I realised, it’s not for protection. It’s for cutting through bullshit! It cuts right to the truth.

The sharpest, most powerful and precise power known to man: the truth, powered by love.

I proceeded to go into a very deep healing space where I can only explain it as like quantum surgery. The blade would cut, release stuff from me, and then my wound would be immediately healed. It was like the knife could reverse time so the cut never happened but the stuff that left would still be gone. No scarring. Impressive. Quite astonishing. 

This tool worked in harmony with what felt like a massive magnet hovering above me, drawing out the unwanted elements once the incision was made. At times, I had to ask for the magnet's power to be increased as there was some gnarly stuff needing to be pulled out. The process was intense, a deep cleanse.

The more I clear in myself, the more I help my clients. 

I am honoured to receive both gifts and be shown how they work. With formidable tools we must be careful, but it also feels like I was gifted with the knowledge of how to use them and when to use them. Still, respect is due where it is due, and everything has a learning curve. I take none of this work lightly and integrity is of utmost importance to me, as well as having confidence that when I am ready for something, it is given. I am ready and primed for this.

Day 3 meditation is in the evening for me. Loving the process and it's so potent to gather each day with those that have chosen to take this journey with me. Today is the last day Gwendolene is here in Birmingham! Last swim / sauna / steam experience with her for a while! Going to get ready to enjoy!!

With love,


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