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Stephi helps you reprogram your core frequencies to help you transform your life. Stephi is not a doctor; she does not have the power to heal, nor does she treat any disease or medical condition. This website, including all services, products and content provided herein, is not intended, and should not be construed or relied upon under any circumstances, to provide, medical, psychological, financial, legal, business, or investment advice, or any other type of professional advice. You should seek appropriate professionals for any such advice.


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There are no specific generally expected results. There is no guarantee; you may not achieve any specific results. 


When working with Stephi some people experience what we call “detox”. This is where you are “seeing” what has been limiting you, leave you. It’s like a physical cleanse but at a much deeper level.

When you partake in a physical cleanse, if your body is holding onto more impurities than normal. When you flood your body with amazing nutrients and botanicals, you may experience fatigue, lack of energy, headaches and sometimes feeling a little ill. This is because your body is removing all of the garbage out of your cells and into your natural detoxification processes. The “toxic stuff” is being flushed out of your system.

Now after that initial week of not feeling that great, you then wake up with a vibrancy about you, you sleep better, your mind is clearer, you feel great. This is because you’ve allowed your body to go through its natural detoxification process.

The same happens when “purifying” your co-ordinates of self. When you come into a more vibrant version of who you are, those things that have been limiting you will either be re-adjusted for you and become more vibrant, or they’ll fall away quicker. Detox can happen during a variety of stages in the Synergy Program however is most prevalent when you are new to frequency work.

Detox doesn’t happen to everyone and the way you detox can become smoother if you so wish. As you come into a more “clean” or “transparent” version of yourself, you begin to create more efficiently in this reality. Your inherent abilities start to show up. You’re drawn to those things that nourish you and benefit you. No matter what it is… if it benefits you, your internal intelligence will give you those opportunities to clean those things up within you even more. Whether its health practices or business optimisations, since being an awakened being is about being efficient… your life starts to become “efficient”… in all areas.

As a reminder, this is a process. Stay the course, clean up your internal coding, harness your internal power, and reap the rewards.

Detox Symptoms include:

  • Emotional - old emotions coming up for clearing, feeling low and unmotivated as you recalibrate your internal coding.

  • Mental - random memories coming up as they clear, vivid dreams, many thoughts can flood your system

  • Physical - flu-like symptoms, dizziness, nausea, aches and pains. Health issues can sometimes amplify as a “sign” for you to get on with it and address the problem instead of letting it fester.

  • Relational - Intimate relationships adjust and become either more meaningful or they break down quicker if they aren’t beneficial for you. You may find yourself wanting to be alone, especially if you call yourself an empath or if you’ve been carrying other people’s burdens. This is a fantastic opportunity for you to strengthen on your own and to come back brighter and more “strong” than ever.

  • Financial - Business structures may adjust accordingly as you adjust internally. Timeless is about creating efficiencies so as you optimise your co-ordinates, those opportunities to optimise your business or career will show up as well. If whatever you’re doing is from an external source or something that is not of benefit to you, it again, will fall away quicker or burden you more as a way to say “Hey… let’s move on and create our experiences here with more beneficial coding”.

As with all of this, the best guidance is to be the observer, observe what is coming up for you and as we shine a light on it, it releases. If we get caught up in old patterns rather than observe we can find that we get caught in them repeating. If we have compassion for ourselves and our process, we find a deeper understanding and from this place we can shift more easily.

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