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Frequently Asked Questions

If you have any questions or anything else you may need, please reach out to me on the "Contact Me" page.

What is Frequency work?

When you change a radio station frequency, you change the channel and a different sound is emitted. Just like that with us, when we change the resonance of our own frequency signature at our blueprint level, we change the physical version of ourselves too. It’s just we’re addressing the issue at a higher level of consciousness outside of space-time, and then we experience the changes here in physical reality. Most modalities don’t get to this level, and so with other modalities, the core programming is not altered, just the symptoms- occurring the level of belief / the mind / physical body. 


This type of frequency work gets to the deepest level of where your issues are residing, helps you shift at the quantum level, and then the physical catches up. Science is catching up to this too, but this is on the leading edge.

As Einstein said “the medicine of the future will be frequency medicine”.


What can I expect in a private session?

A private session is loving and nurturing space for you to find solace, and expand into a higher space of yourself.


The work that I do restores your connection to your own original harmonic blueprint. I bring awareness to the areas in your frequency infrastructure that show distortions and create a loving, uplifting, nurturing space so you can feel safe to explore and heal these areas of your energetic system and life, yourself.  


You can think of it like an activation and a reflective mirror, like shining a light on places where you can’t quite see yourself, so you can bring awareness to what is causing you issues in your life. With this, you can gain strength and confidence to observe, become aware, find deeper love for yourself, and let go of the things that you are ready to let go of in real time. You step more into your true essence and brilliance, saying goodbye to the things of the past that no longer serve your evolution. 


Sessions will be approximately 30 or 60 minutes long depending on your choice. We talk and meditate together while I work on you for the whole time, even before and after the session. My vibrational system creates a package / frequencies / code for you before the session to receive and integrate into your system while we are live together. I also check in energetically at points after the session and just make sure the integration is going well.


Sometimes we will converse, other times words aren’t needed and we work in silence together.


Sessions are recorded for you and will be sent to you afterwards. You can re-listen or play them on a loop quietly in the background and the effects of our session will be amplified since this is frequency based work.


If you have any questions about these sessions please feel free send me a message on the "Contact me" page.


These sessions are priced at an introductory price as I build up my client base and familiarity with my work.


I look forward to supporting you on your journey to wholeness! 




Cancellation Policy

To cancel or reschedule, please contact us 48 hours in advance, thank you!

We run a policy of no refunds due to the time already taken to undergo a session.


Stephi Burgess helps you reprogram your core frequencies to help you transform your life. Stephi is not a doctor; she does not have the power to heal, nor does she treat any disease or medical condition. This website, including all services, products and content provided herein, is not intended, and should not be construed or relied upon under any circumstances, to provide, medical, psychological, financial, legal, business, or investment advice, or any other type of professional advice. You should seek appropriate professionals for any such advice.

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