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Blossom into your brilliance with Stephi

Live the life you truly deserve

For more information on what frequency work is and what to expect in a session or group meditation, please visit the FAQ page.

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My healing meditation program launched in April... Stay tuned for the next one!

Welcome beautiful!

I'd like to personally welcome you here, thank you for visiting my web page.

My name is Stephanie and it's my deep-seated passion to realise, embody and live a life of pure love and exponential growth. In me doing this for myself, I am lighting the way you to live from this place, too.

Working with me, I'll help you understand and feel that love is all around you, bringing you to an awareness of wholeness and completeness. You'll start to tap into your inherent limitless potential and learn how to bring about the life that you absolutely deserve. I help you let go of everything that is in the way of that and uncover what your true self feels like. From this place, you'll discover what you really desire to experience on this amazing life-journey we have been utterly blessed with, and we'll make it possible.

My wish is for you to blossom into the purest essence of you and find that inner confidence to shine it upon the world. I would be honoured to support you with this process and help as many humans as possible shift to this new dimension of living. Free, abundant, flowing and as beautiful as can be.

Please feel free to send me a message, or book a session now so we can get started.

With so much love, 


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Stephanie is a 33 year old frequency meditation healer and life coach, here to help others find the deep love and honour within themselves and live their lives in the most beautiful and brilliant way possible. Stephanie has special gifts that she has honed over a decade and has been on her intentional healing journey for 13 years. It began when she had a near death experience in a car accident and her father died a couple of months later. A few months after this, she had her first, real, embodied experience of bliss and total awareness which was the gift she was looking for her whole life. This was the time when she awakened to the deeper possibilities life has to offer and dedicated herself to discovering how to clean up her own experience of being human; traumas, disease patterns, lack, sacrifice, etc. So that she could become the most precise and coherent vessel possible to support other people on the planet come into their radiance, too. 


The result of the polishing is that, now, she has access to powerful abilities and knowledge that allow her to see beyond the physical and observe what patterns are running below the surface. She can sense the underlying frequencies affecting the physical layer of reality and can help remove patterning that is not serving the highest potential of her clients, at base level; beyond the symptoms of the physical. You could call it energy healing but it actually goes beyond space-time and where physical energy exists, where there is a connection between your higher self and her higher self. Here, the conversation happens. You can think of it like a package of code that is exchanged, so that your higher self can integrate this and receive the programming that you need to input into your system. This then creates a natural shift. The nurturing, supportive frequencies that Stephanie offers assist you in arriving into that higher space of yourself and integrate your essence into your human form. It makes for a very effective transformative experience for the receiver, and changes happen very quickly at this level.


Stephanie helps her clients move past what is at the core of the issues in their life. She does not claim to diagnose or heal, but in addition to the frequency work, she can offer support in suggesting what might help you on a physical level. Her clients have seen a lot of success with implementing her guidance.


She looks forward to supporting you on your journey wherever you may be. Male or female, old or young, at the beginning of your healing journey, or a seasoned veteran. If you have a desire to be the best version of yourself, to experience the love that is on offer for you, she can help you find your own way to that and shine your brilliance upon the world. 

Image by Daniel Weiss


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A podcast hosted by Stephi where she shares mediations and talks about her life journey, healing from trauma and experience with frequency healing work to uncover who she really is. She shares how you can get there yourself and guides frequency meditations on the podcast to help you expand into your limitless self. 


Stephi also hosts incredible guests to have enlightening conversations about how we can become the our best possible selves. It’s all about experiencing the frequency of love and support available to all of us and fully live out our potential here on the planet. It’s the precipice of the new consciousness era, and it’s an exciting times! Come and join the fun!

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